Breaking down why, how and when is the main focus during Coach Jey training sessions. The nuances of the game, cues and strategies are identified and explored during player workouts. 

Classes are purposely limited in size in order provide the best experience possible for athletes. 



With a maximum of 4 players per group , players receive additional attention to improve their games. Fundamental basketball skills are stressed & applied during drills, contests & competitive play.

All Ages | 2-4 Members | 60 Minutes


At Coach Jey Nike Basketball Camps players develop all of their fundamental basketball skills - shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding and defense. Players are immerses in focused, intensive training that is essential to improvement.

Ages 10-18 | Day & Overnight Camps



A fully-customized approach to improving weaknesses. Private lessons are tailored to individual needs. Particular attention is focused on how to transfer skills into a game setting. Ideal for players that require individual attention.

All Ages | 30 & 60 Minutes

Current Sessions


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